we love movies

Best way to share a story.  Except books.

What we enjoy most about a flick is discerning the worldview it seems to depict.  What statement does the film seem to make about the nature of our world and the human condition in this world?

We compare the film's worldview to what we believe Christian Scripture tells us about this world, who we are as human beings, and our condition in this world.

Our experience is that the more compatible a film's worldview with the Bible's account of the nature of reality, the more compelling the storyline and the more professional the production values, the better, the more enjoyable the movie.  And the more it merits the Christian's time and attention.

every genre

We can enjoy flicks in (nearly) every genre. Horror not so much. The elements critical to determining a film's merits for us are the

The storyline and how it's communicated by dialogue and action shape the worldview the film portrays. The acting and production values determine its professional calibre. Less than professional work detracts from the storyline, no matter how compelling. We're not interested in amateur hour in the time we make in our day to kick back and watch a movie.