affinity with Biblical worldview

Every film has a point of view, a worldview, making a statement of some sort about the human condition and the nature of our world.  It may be vivid, quiet, subtle, obscure, weak, confused.

Our greatest enjoyment in film is discerning the worldview and considering its compatibility with the Biblical worldview.

We use four categories.

family fit

We enjoy and recommend a lot of films that are not suitable for viewing by the whole family.  We recommend films we think are worthy of the believer's time and attention, but most require the maturity sufficient to view critically what Hollywood usually describes as 'adult content,' or' adult situations.' and 'adult language.'  By viewing critically we mean with mind actively engaged making judgments about what's being seen and heard in terms of good and bad, right and wrong.

At what age a young person qualifies by this criterion we leave to the wisdom of parents.  Our experience in our family is that this stage of life was between 15 and 17 years of age for our children. We benchmark 'younger viewers' or 'children' at age 12 and under.

We use six categories.